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TONIC optically ground decentered glass lenses, Vistaview™, are a lightweight 1.7mm thin glass, designed for wearing all day long and extremely light weight that you wouldn’t know they are actually glass. All TONIC Polarized glass lenses have an anti-reflective coating on the back surface of the lens, reducing back surface reflection by 45%.

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The Photochromic Glass
Lens Construction


TONIC Glass Photochromic Polarized Grey lens incorporates a 3 Color Integrated Polarizing Filter system using the colors: Green - to retain color, Aqua - that acts as a splitter to define color where it normally flattens out, and Grey - that gives deep contrast whilst activating the Photochromic properties. The TONIC Glass Photochromic Polarized Copper lens incorporates a 4 Color Integrated Polarizing Filter system using the same 3 colors as the grey with an additional Yellow - that enhances color.

Kite Surfer

Looking through a pair of TONIC’s you will enjoy true accuracy of depth and distance thanks to the decentered lens plus stunning color saturation for reds, blues and greens - more vibrant than ever before.

Lens Construction

How the TONIC Photochromic Lens Adjusts to Conditions


TONIC Glass Photochromic lenses, Copper or Grey, darken and light depending on ambient light conditions. These lenses have been designed and developed to give the highest quality optics in all conditions.

Looking through TONIC Photochromic lenses you will see that the color saturation for reds, blues and greens is more vibrant than ever before. Team this with TONIC Arc™ to absorb dangerous reflective glare from entering your eyes and the decentered properties of our lenses for accuracy and depth gives you, the wearer a view that is truly overwhelming.

 Lens Colors made with varying
light conditions in mind.

All TONIC style lenses feature - Polarization - with our custom filtration system, Crystalite Glass - the clearest glass lens available, SliceLens - at only 1.7mm thin, lighter than any other lens on the market, VistaView - decentered lens, important for true depth and distance, ARC - anti reflective coating to reduce “bounce back” on the inside of the lens.

Tonic Prescription

Need Prescription Sunglasses?

Never lose sight when in the great outdoors. TONIC Eyewear have developed an exclusive prescription service that allows you the choice of frame style teamed up with choice of lens color to give you the clarity in outdoor conditions without the compromise of optical vision.

All of our frames are suitable for Prescription lenses.

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