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It pays to register your sunglasses

By registering your sunglasses here, you receive the full benefits of Tonic Sunglasses.      (Additional Discounts)

First, you qualify to receive additional discounts when you need to replace or repair your Tonics. 

Second, you qualify to receive special pricing when buying additional pairs from our website or your local retailer.  The website you will receive an immediate savings and from your local retailer, you only need to fill out the rebate form, send it to us and receive a check in the mail.

Third, You will be the first to get notified when special clearance discounts are being offered.

And last, but not least, you qualify to win prizes and awards for placing high in tournaments when the Team Tonic Seeing Fish Awards Program is activated later this year.

Register Your Sunglasses Here

What Tournament Tours do you partisipate in?
Are you Interested in what following activity?
Would you be interested in the Team Tonic Seeing Fish Awards Program?
Would you be interested in discounted travel to MLF Tournaments and to other premier destinations related to your Outdoor Activity response. 
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